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Tuesday, February 28, 2017 • 12:30 pm

Manhattan Commission Company - Manhattan, KS

Lot 1

MCR 177R Rancher 408 561

GB L1 Domino 177R  x. Churchill Rancher. X. Harland


CED + 2.6. BW +2.1. WW +66. YW +96. Milk +28. REA +0.46. Marb +0.20 $CHB +$32


Here's the perfect candidate for lot 1 that combines performance, phenotype and cow power into an attractive, super-numbered package.  The foundation is set with this powerful cow family, now working for Bowlings, traces traces to a full sister to MCR PPF Miss Gold Dom 206, who has produced multiple champions and numerous high-sellers.  This outcross herd sire candidate recorded impressive ratios: 98@BW, 111@WW, 107@YW, 102@REA, and his dam records 2 natural calves WW@111, with 17@101 REA.  He ranks in the upper 25% of the breed for BW, YW, Milk, M&G, REA, and Marb and charts upper 10% rankings for WW and CHB.  Don't miss this opportunity, the future is bright for 561!

Lot 2

MCR 8Y Harlands Domino 578 ET

43743544  DOB 9-4-2015

CED +2.1  BW +2.9  WW +56  YW +100  CEM +3.0  SC +1.4  Marb +.18 REA +.61  $BMI $22  $CHB  $29


 Herd bull alert!  Polled Homegrown out of a full sister to Bluestem!  This positive CED performance prospect ranks in the upper 10% for YW, Milk and REA

Lot 3

MCR Homegrown Domino 570  43677985

DOB 9/7/2015

CED -.5  BW +5.2  WW +72  YW +117  Milk +31  CEM +2.5  SC +1.4  REA  +.89  $BMI $21  $CHB $35


If you are looking to add pounds and stoutness, put 570 on your list!  This Homegrown son stems from one of our very best performance cow families and he's stayed true to form, ratioing 110 for WW, 105 for YW and 116 for REA.  570 ranks in the upper 1% of the breed for WW, YW and REA.

Lot 5

MCR 10Y Harland Domino 5100 ET

NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y x MCR 3027 406 Dominet 1245ET


CED +6. BW +1.5. WW +68. YW +109. Milk +40.

REA +0.78. Marb +0.51 $CHB +$40


Full brother to Lots 4-7 with a bigger spread from BW to YW, who ranks in the upper 5% or better for CED, WW, YW, MLK, REA, MARB, $BMI, and $CHB. Note 5100's individual carcass rations, 127 for REA, 123 for Marbling.

Lot 4

MCR 10Y Harlands Domino 595 ET

43743545  DOB 9/10/15

CED +5.9  BW +2.2  WW +59  YW +96  Milk +38  SC +1.3   Marb +.47  REA +.61  $BMI  $25  $CHB  $36


Hometown son by our elite donor 1245, a 3027 by the 682 donor working for Carswell Nichols and Mrnak.  Proven and profitable cow family here, as 682 has recorded 48 calves at 103 for REA and 109 for Marb not to mention she has 14 @ 104 for WW.  This balanced numbered prospect does many things right, including ranking in the upper 5% of the breed for CED,Milk, Marbling and CHB while maintaining a performance advantage over his peers.  Full brothers sell as Lot 5,6,7.

Lot 49

MCR 10Y Harlands Domino 620 ET


Hometown x 3027 x Harland

CED +5.9. BW+1.7  WW+60  YW+96  Milk+38  REA+0.69  Marb+0.39  CHB+$37


The Hometowns are a solid set of bulls, and this one is a standout.  Performance, phenotype, and an ideal set of EPDs sets 620 apart from the rest.  Here's a heifer bull prospect that ranks in the upper 10% for WW, YW, and REA and the upper 5% for CED, Milk, Marb and CHB.  He will make great sons and, knowing his granddam 682 who is now working for Mrnak and Nichols, will make phenomenal daughters as well.

Lot 25

MCR Horizons Alliance 835


MCR Horizon x 1023 x Alliance

CED+16  BW-1.6  WW+49  YW+92  Milk+22  REA+0.73  Marb+0.78  $W+53.14  $B$131.03


Calving-ease son of Horizon that is safe to use on heifers, and be sure to keep the replacements!  835 stems from the powerful Green Garden Blkbrd 917 S1 cow family, a super stout female with ample rib and depth and nice teat and udder structure.  Here's a sleep-at-night calving ease bull with a 74 lb actual BW, who also ratioed 101 for WW and 106 for YW.

Lot 74

MCR Horizons Hoover NW 416


MCR Horizon x Hoover Dam x Net Worth

CED+8  BW+0.4  WW+56  YW+106  Milk+33  REA+1.19  Marb+0.69  $W+$68.38  $B+$156.35


Don't miss this Horizon son by 912!  66 lb actual BW with a 740 lb WW!  We feel he's useful on heifers with supervision, and man will you like his calves!  He reads balanced across the board; note his upper 5% ranking for Milk, REA, $W, and $B

Lot 22

MCR Hoovers All In NW 875


Deer Valley All In x Hoover Dam x Net Worth

CED +0  BW+2.5  WW+68  YW+118  Milk +33  REA+0.99  Marb+0.68  $W+$75.78  $B+$161.84


Here's the leadoff Angus bull for a reason.  All In by our powerful Hoover Dam daughter 912, who is owned with Lake View and Griffith.  This stout performance prospect ranks in the upper 3% or better for WW, YW, Milk CW, REA, $F, $W and $B.  You will like his length of spine and shape, this bull does lots of nice things.




Lot 73

MCR Horizons Confidence 096


MCR Horizon x Confidence x Objective

CED+14  BW-1.8  WW+48  YW+97  Milk+25  REA+0.61  Marb+0.56  $W+$52.35  $B+$109.59


Calving ease specialist with a 66 lb actual BW, who ranks in the upper 5% of the breed for CED and BW.




Lot 75

MCR Southside Emulation 496


KCF Bennett Southside x 878 x Scotchman

CED+5  BW+1.7  WW+65  YW+121  MIlk+31  REA+0.16  Marb+0.18 $W+$65.05  $B+$106.21


Here's a long-sided, attractive son of Southside that traces to one of the foundation matrons of Hillsdale Angus, Hillsdale Natoma 028.  496 ranks in the upper 5% of the breed for WW and $W and charts an upper 1% ranking for YW and $F.  Be sure to study this bull, his calves will grow on you!




Lot 47

MCR 364 Harland's Domino 622


MCR Trust Harland 364 x 3027 x Harland

CED +4.2  BW +2.6  WW+57  YW+101 Milk+37  REA +0.49. Marb +0.33  $CHB $35


Stout yearling by the 2015 high-selling bull, MCR Trust Harland 364 that traces to our foundation Jackie cow family from Feddes.  Here's a curvebender with carcass appeal, ranking in the upper 15% for CED while also ranking in the top 10% or better for YW, Marb and CHB.




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