The “Mill Creek Brand” on Hereford cattle is synonymous with Performance Hereford Genetics.  For over forty years we have been selecting for extremes in calving ease and post-weaning gains, while always striving for females that work.  Our cowherd consistently ranks in the top 25% of the breed for maternal milk and scrotal circumference.  Two traits we believe strongly influence the longevity of any cowherd.  Since the inception of carcass EPD’s we have been striving to increase the post-harvest value of the Hereford genetics we offer.  We believe we will provide you with Hereford genetics that have solid pedigrees, powerful performance data, and cattle you will like to see in your pasture.

Mill Creek Herefords

David and Diane Breiner

Chad, Clay, Ryan and Ashley

20635 Hessdale Road

Alma, Kansas 66401

Phone: (785) 449-2841

Fax: (785) 449-2139

Dave Cell: (785) 456-4790

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Ryan Cell: (785) 207-3070